Apple TV App Comes To Chromecast With Google TV

Google TV Chromecast AM AH 7

Despite the competition, Google and Apple are good collaborators when it comes to making apps available for each other’s ecosystems. Now, the Apple TV app is available for Chromecast devices with Google TV.

It was in December 2020 that Google announced its plan for bringing Apple TV to Chromecast in 2021. This news broke a little after adding Apple Music to Google smart speakers and displays.

Now, the users can access Apple TV and TV+ (with a paid subscription) through their Chromecast with Google TV. Thanks to the integrations, Apple Originals are accessible at recommendations and search results. Users can also add their favorite shows to Google TV Watchlist.


Apple’s streaming service supports Google Assistant, which paves the way for searching shows like “Ted Lasso” and “The Morning Show” through voice commands. This feature will be available for all users in the coming months. Moreover, Family Sharing with up to six family members support is available for Apple TV Channels and TV+.

The Chromecast with Google TV supports up to 4K HDR at up to 60 frames per second. So users with compatible TVs can enjoy high-quality Apple shows.

Of course, Apple TV is not limited to Chromecast with Google TV. According to Jonathan Zepp, Google’s director of media and entertainment, “the Apple TV app will also be available on Google TVs from Sony and TCL.” The other TV manufacturers with Android TV support will also receive Apple TV in the coming months.


To download the app for your device, you can search in the “Apps” tab or “For you” tab in app rows. Downloading through Apple TV’s Play Store is also an alternative way.

Adding Apple to Chromecast may be bad news for Netflix

Netflix was available on Chromecast before Apple, and it has its own bigot fans. But welcoming Apple TV on Chromecast may not be good news for Netflix. Apple’s streaming service is now available to a broader range of customers, and it has the chance to expand its reach.

Several months ago, Netflix decided to withdraw from the Watchlist on Google TV. Therefore, Netflix recommendations won’t show on the Google TV app, and users can’t add Netflix Originals to the Watchlist.


Watchlist allows users to create a collection of their favorite shows and keep them in one place. Obviously, Netflix has a richer portfolio than Apple, and it comes with more popular programs. But with Apple TV presence on Watchlist, the absence of Netflix may have a negative impact on users’ reach and drive more users to Apple.