Android TV's New Homescreen Update Looks Like A Half-Baked Google TV

android tv homescreen update

Android TV is getting an update today, that revamps the homescreen to look like Google TV, but not quite.

Not to add to the existing confusion around Android TV and Google TV though.

The update brings the Android TV homescreen more in-line with Google TV, but not quite. It looks similar, but with only three tabs at the top. Home, Discover and Apps. Missing is the Live, Movies and TV Shows tabs. These allow you to browse through movies and TV shows that Google thinks you’ll like. As well as seeing live listings for YouTube TV subscribers.


On Google TV, that “Home” screen is actually “For You”. But it does the same thing, for the most part. Showing you content that you might be interested in, all in one screen. Instead of breaking them out into separate screens, like Google TV.

It’s a great looking update, that should make Android TV a lot easier to use, especially for those that aren’t as tech-literate. As you can easily browse through the home screen and find something to watch. Without a lot of trouble. Though it’s still a bit confusing that Google is not simply updating all of its Android TV models to the Google TV software that we have on Chromecast. And also coming on many Android TVs announced at CES last month.

When can I get this update?

Google is rolling out this update now to Android TV devices in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and other countries will get it in the coming weeks.


The update is rolling out now and should be available within the next 24 hours. Just head to settings, and then Check for Update. It may not be available right away, as is usually the case with staged rollouts like this. But it shouldn’t take too long.