Android 12 Allows Google To Improve It Without Full System Updates

Android 12 Logo AM AH 1

Android 12 has been announced today, and we’ve already talked about it at length. Another really important Android 12 change that Google introduced, allows for the company to improve it, without pushing full system updates.

Sounds confusing? Well, no, it’s not. Google simply changed the core setup in order to be able to change things without bothering you with full system updates. Just to be clear, full system updates are still a thing.

Google made some changes in Android 12, and they allow the company to improve things without proper updates

Google cannot introduce new features without pushing full system updates, or anything of the sort. The thing is, as part of Project Mainline, the company added Android Runtime (ART) module in Android 12, which lets the company push updates to the core runtime and libraries on devices running the OS.


Will will make it possible for Google to improve runtime performance, and correctness. On top of that, it will be able to manage memory more efficiently, and make Kotlin operations faster as well.

The company also announced that it expanded the functionality of existing modules. The company will now be delivering a seamless transcoding feature inside an updateable module, that’s one example.

Testing apps will be immensely easier for developers

Google also made it easier for developers to test and debug apps. In order to make it easier to test the opt-in changes that affect your app, the company has made many of them toggleable. That should help developers immensely.


With the toggles, you can force-enable or disable the changes individually from Developer options or ads. That sure is a neat addition to how things work.

These sure are some notable changes. Google will now have even more direct access to Android, without having to push full system updates. Thanks to that, the company will be able to keep a close eye on performance, and balance things out if necessary. Ultimately, this should deliver an even smoother experience for users.