Android 12 To Include Smart Autorotate, A Gaming Mode & More

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Following the news about ‘Material NEXT’ UI changes, and some other Android 12 information, XDA Developers just brought some additional tidbits regarding Google’s upcoming OS. Android 12 may bring the smart autorotate feature, a gaming mode, and more.

To be more accurate, the source talks about three features in particular. Those features are ‘Smart Autorotate’, a gaming mode, and a reduce bright colors feature.

Android 12 will probably bright “Smart Autorotate”, a gaming mode, and more

Let’s talk about ‘Smart Autorotate’ first, shall we. Screen autorotation is extremely important, I believe that the vast majority of people would agree to that. How many times have you been frustrated when the display doesn’t rotate, despite the fact you rotated the screen? On the flip side, how many times did it rotate contrary to your wishes?


Well, Google is looking to improve things a bit in Android 12. How? Well, the company will include AI in the whole process. At the moment, autorotation relies on your phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer in order to work.

The source did not have much information on the feature, but 9to5Google did share some. It believes that Google will use the phone’s front-facing camera to detect the position of your head before it changes the orientation. This would certainly make it avoid unnecessary rotations.

Now, in regards to the ‘Game Mode’. XDA spotted a new “GameManager service” in Android 12. It is distinct from the existing GameManagerClient, which is a part of Google Play Services.

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GameManager service is described as a service to manage game-related features. The source says that it suspects it’ll be an API for games to trigger a basic “gaming mode” on devices, even though it doesn’t have any specific info. This gaming mode could let you manage some settings, like automatic brightness, autorotation, and so on.

“Reduce Brightness” option will be a part of the default Quick Settings tiles

The “Reduce Brightness” feature seems to be on the way as well. It was originally called “Reduce Bright Colors”, and it’s supposed to aid those with visual impairments. This is actually said to be a part of the default set of Quick Settings tiles in Android 12.

As you can see, Google is aiming to bring quite a few changes with Android 12, on top of a redesigned UI. The very first developer preview for Android 12 is expected to arrive at some point this month.