Android 12 Preparing 'Automatic' Sound Status Option

Automatic sound status Android 12 DP1

Android 12 Developer Preview 1 reveals that the ‘Automatic’ sound status option may become available in the stable release. This change has been spotted by XDA Developers.

‘Automatic’ sound status option may launch with Android 12

As most of you know, Android 12 Developer Preview 1 brought quite a few changes to the OS. We’ve already talked about a lot of them on the site. This particular feature is rather interesting, even though we don’t know much about it at this point.

This is one of those half-baked features that are not yet functional in Android 12 Developer Preview 1. It is supposed to allow the system to automatically decide the sound status of an incoming notification.

This option should complement the silent and default options that are available in Android 11. If you half-swipe on a notification in Android 11, these are the two options you’ll see. The first one will either disable sound altogether for notifications, or utilize the vibration, depending on your settings. The second one will correspond to the system-wide sound profile you chose.


Well, this third, ‘automatic’ option, is supposed to automatically detect whether the notification should make a sound or not. XDA Developers’ Editor-in-Chief, found some strings related to this feature, and managed to get it to work.

Details are unknown at this point

We don’t know how will the system know whether to make a sound or not, at this point, but it’s an interesting feature that we should keep an eye on.

Once again, this feature is not available in Android 12 Developer Preview 1 by default. The source had to make some changes in the backend in order to get it to work. It could make its way to the stable version, though.

We’ll probably be able to find out more about the feature in the upcoming Developer Preview and Beta releases of Android 12, so stay tuned for that. More Android 12 information will follow, as it surfaces.