Unity Picks Up The Head Of Amazon's Luna Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming 6

Amazon Luna is barely in its infancy and it’s already lost a big part of the team, with the head of the project having left for Unity.

Today it was reported that the head of Amazon Luna, Marc Whitten, would be headed to Unity. Whitten himself confirmed the details on his official Twitter account on February 24. In addition to helming the Luna project, Whitten was also the head of other big Amazon successes. Such as Fire TV, and a little-known e-book platform called Kindle. You may have heard of it.

Though this doesn’t necessarily spell doom and gloom for Luna, it does come at an odd time. Amazon has just started ramping up its Luna availability. Just yesterday it opened up access to Fire TV customers without an invite.


Meanwhile, you still need an invite if you want to play Luna games on any other platform. Including PC, Android, iOS, and Mac.

Amazon Luna Head will be transitioning to Unity Create

According to the report, Whitten will be taking over as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Unity Create. It’s not clear what his definitive responsibilities will be in this new position.

But Whitten does state that since his arrival at the company, it’s been enjoyable getting to see the amount of passion that other people at Unity have for creating stuff. Suggesting that he’ll fit right in with the rest of the members of his team.

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With the head of the Luna project now having moved on, what does this mean for Luna? It will likely be business as usual for now. Amazon will replace Whitten and Luna development will continue.

Luna is still not ready for a full launch

Despite losing a key member of the team, Luna has been continuing to make strides in its development process. However it’s still not ready for a widespread full launch. Amazon isn’t letting just anyone check out the service yet.

And now more than ever that’s probably a good idea. Amazon will need time to continue working out any remaining kinks. And keeping the pool of users as small as possible is a good way to do that.