Day 1 Editions Lets You Decide What Amazon Builds Next

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Amazon has now launched three new products that you may be able to own in the future, through its brand new “Day 1 Editions” program. As the program’s branding suggests, these are pre-order products. But they haven’t been built just yet either. Instead, Amazon is using Day 1 Editions as a means to determine whether or not to build anything at all.

The way that works, according to recent reports, is via a progress bar shown on each of the products’ listings at the site. Below that, there’s a percentage shown, representing how much of Amazon’s goal has been met. The company adds to the percentage and moves the progress bar forward every time a pre-order is placed. If a certain threshold is reached, Amazon will build and ship the items.

Of course, there’s a timeframe during which the pre-orders must be placed as well. And, during that period, the price is reduced. After the set date and time, the price is subject to increase. Specifically, that’s 8:59 AM PDT on March 19.


So what are the three Amazon Day 1 Editions products?

In terms of what the conceptual products are, Amazon includes the Smart Sticky Note Printer, Smart Nutrition Scale, and Smart Cuckoo Clock.

Each of those is fairly self-explanatory. The Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer prints sticky notes via voice commands. Those can contain shopping or to-do lists, recipes, puzzles, and other content. And, according to the company, those can be printed on blue, pink, white, or yellow sticky notes. One yellow sticky paper roll is included.

The square-shaped Smart Sticky Note Printer also utilizes thermal paper. So there’s no need to buy ink or toner.


Amazon Smart Nutrition Scale, conversely, weighs out food that’s placed on it just like any kitchen scale. It features all of the LED display and button options that would be expected alongside that. But Amazon is taking this a bit further by letting users ask questions about the food too. For instance, users might place a bowl of fruit on the scale and ask approximately how much sugar or other nutrients are in the food. Smart interactions, as with other products here, would be via Alexa AI.

Last but not least is the Amazon Smart Cuckoo Clock. That’s also arguably the most straightforward of the new products. The battery-powered clock hangs on the wall and comes with both a moving cuckoo and a pendulum. Custom chimes and alarms are part of the bundle too, played via the embedded 1W speaker. And interactions such as alarm setting take place via Alexa or Alexa devices.

How much do these cost?

In terms of pricing, Amazon has promotions on each item during the promotional pre-order period. The Smart Sticky Note Printer starts at $89.99 until March 19, as noted above. Then the price moves to $114.99, assuming the pre-order quota has been met.


Similarly, the Amazon Smart Nutrition Scale starts at $34.99, bumping to $44.99 once the deadline has passed. And Amazon Smart Cuckoo Clock starts at $79.99 before moving to $99.99.

If pre-orders aren’t met — or if users simply don’t like what they’ve bought — refunds and returns will be issued. Shipments are expected to start between July and September for each of the Day 1 Editions.

Amazon Day 1 Editions Smart Nutrition Scale
Amazon Day 1 Editions Smart Nutrition Scale

Amazon Smart Sticky Note Printer


Smart Nutrition Scale

Smart Cuckoo Clock