ZINGR – BFF App Helps People To Make Friends


Are you still trying to make a new friend or maybe you are searching for a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Most of us knows Tinder, Bumble or Badoo dating apps which may help us to find some people for dating. But not all of us knows that more than 95% of girls swipe left! Yes, that`s painful truth if you are looking for friends to hookup, but there is some social apps like ZINGR which people use to connect people with same interests. This social app doesn`t use any matchmacking to connect local people. Nearby hashtags is the main funkcion on ZINGR which helps users to discover people nearby with same interests.


How does ZINGR works?

ZINGR is designed for friend making and this app can bring people closer together based on their interests. So whether you’re into gaming, painting or just would like to meet someone, the social app ZINGR can help you to discover these people around you. Most of users use popular hashtags to connect people with same hobbies. This is great and easy to find someone to talk or even to meet as ZINGR is a local app and most of these people are living around you. This social app use GPS to connect you with nearest people and shows you the nearest posts.



Would you like to meet new people who loves traveling? The local app ZINGR can do that for you!

You should just share your traveling photos with some popular hashtags like #travel #traveling and you will discover these people in your area. As ZINGR is the location based app, it doesn’t matter there you are. ZINGR will discover only closest people and their content in that area with same things you like.



Find new friends in a new city!

ZINGR is a great app to make new friends in a new city or town. It is recommendet first think about the hobbies and activities that are enjoyable for you. If you love gym, then you should share some videos or photos with tags like #gym #fitness #workout #fit #motivation #bodybuilding and othe simple popular hashtags to find people with same hobbies. That`s how ZINGR app works.

There are some othe ways how you can find new friends, for example think about what you already have something in common with your co-workers . Walking your dog in the city parks can also be an option to find people who loves pets. You shouldn`t forget about a bicycle. It is a perfect way for hooking up with other cycling enthusiasts in the area. There are many great ways how you can find like-minded new friends around you if you follow an activity that you are passionate about.


What do we know about ZINGR?

ZINGR is a location-based worldwide social app which support more than 85 languages. It was built in Lithuania and the CEO of ZINGR is Kęstutis Gedaitis. This social app was built on React Native, the same software used by Facebook, Instagram. This social networks use GPS to connect people nearby and to discover content around you. ZINGR sometimes can be named as hibrid of Twitter and Instagram, as this app use #hashtags to discover most of the content.