Xiaomi's Foldable Smartphone Appears In The Wild

Xiaomi foldable smartphone live image leak featured

Xiaomi’s very first foldable smartphones have just surfaced online, in live images. The device was spotted somewhere in China, by the looks of things, and there are five images for you to check out.

Five images of Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone have just surfaced

The first thing to notice here is that it’s quite large. It is unfolded here, in all the images, but imagine if it was folded. It is extremely tall. When unfolded, it seems to be a proper tablet.

There is no Xiaomi logo in any of these images, so why do we think this is Xiaomi’s foldable? Well, the software that it’s running is MIUI, MIUI 12, most likely. So, it’s not difficult to connect the dots.


Another thing you’ll notice here is how thick the frame is. Now, this could be a case of some sort, but chances are it’s not. That crease is also quite pronounced here. This is the company’s very first foldable, so we can’t really expect miracles.

On the other hand, this could just be another prototype, and not the final product. We’ll just have to wait and see. Xiaomi is, however, expected to announce three foldable smartphones this year.

That information got shared by Ross Young, a well-known analyst, who is usually spot on with his information. Xiaomi has been developing its foldable smartphones for quite some time now, so that makes sense.

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The company demoed its foldable smartphone prototype a long time ago, so it has definitely been working on such phones for a while.

The company is expected to announce three foldable handsets this year

Xiaomi will, allegedly, release three different types of foldables this year. One will be similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, that’s probably the one shown in these images. The second one will be folding the other way, so the display will be exposed when folded.

The third foldable will be a clamshell one, probably resembling the Galaxy Z Flip. That is, at least, what is expected based on the information that surfaced. It remains to be seen what direction will Xiaomi take in the end, though.