Microsoft's New Xbox Wireless Controller Is Red Hot

Xbox Core Controller Black Friday

Microsoft just launched a brand new Xbox wireless controller with a red hot design. Helping to expand the lineup of new Xbox wireless controllers that are anything but your standard matte black or matte white.

Which is what most Xbox gamers are probably used to. The new controller is not any different however from the controller that comes with an Xbox Series X. At least not in function.

The only difference is of course the color. Which features a striking bold red on the front and a matte white on the back. Not too unlike the Shock Blue controller it launched last year alongside the launch of its next-gen consoles.


The new Pulse Red Xbox wireless controller should be available soon

Microsoft says that your local retailers may have the new controller in stock in the near future. Which it's officially calling the Pulse Red model.

Just like the other new Xbox wireless controllers this model will retail for $65. But keep in mind that that price is the suggested MSRP. Which means that's what you should pay if you buy it directly from a retail partner or from Microsoft itself.

If you end up trying to pick it up from a third-party reseller, there's a chance you may pay extra. Some of the more hard to find Xbox controller colors go for larger amounts. As do a myriad of colors of the DualShock 4 from Sony.

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That being said, the Pulse Red is a brand-new color and Microsoft probably has more of these available for stock than it does the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. So you (hopefully) shouldn't have to worry about scalpers jacking up prices.

Microsoft is planning the launch for February 9

The planned date for availability is February 9, so you can't actually buy the controller just yet. The controller isn't even available for pre-order. So you'll likely have to wait until the listed date before you can buy it.

Once the controller is available, Microsoft will sell it at its own online shop. It'll also be available from Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, Target, and antonline. On top of that there's a chance that other retailers that aren't listed by Microsoft will carry it too.


If you don't feel like waiting until February to get a new controller, you can pick up the Shock Blue right now in addition to the White and Black models.