Here's Where You Can Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Right Now

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Samsung took to its own virtual stage today for its Galaxy Unpacked event and launched a new generation of wearables with Galaxy Buds Pro and they’re available to buy right now too.

For clarity, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is a natural progression from the company’s previous ear-borne wearables. Specifically, they’re the next-generation Samsung Galaxy Buds. But the newest buds come with big improvements, new colors to match the Samsung Galaxy S21, and more.

Among the more noteworthy features, these earbuds come with a hybrid active noise-cancellation and ambient mode. But, unlike the majority of competitors, Samsung wasn’t content to just offer those on their own. Rather than relying on button or touchpad taps, these features work automatically on Galaxy Buds Pro. Users simply need to pair the buds with a Galaxy smartphone and download Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app.


There, users will be able to check battery life — including individual bud and case battery life — as well as adjust EQ settings. And, for those with the feature turned on, that’s also where users can control ambient and ANC modes. Or have those turn on automatically.

In the latter case, the earbuds will automatically shift over to Ambient Mode, letting environmental noise through and amplifying it, whenever they detect speech. That way, if the wearer starts talking to a friend or family member, they’ll be able to easily hear what’s going on.

Other features such as one to find lost earbuds and another to control and customize touch interactions are included in the app too. And, of course, the design is more comfortable and form-fitting than ever before.


Where can you buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro?

For now, Samsung’s own website is the only place to purchase Galaxy Buds Pro for now. They’re available in Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, or Phantom Violet for an MSRP of $199.99.

Starting January 15, Samsung says that other national retail partners and carriers will have the buds for sale too.

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