This Wearable Could Be The New Way You Measure Your Blood Sugar

Quantum Operation Inc Blood Sugar Wearable

Wearable devices these days claim to offer a number of different health benefits, and soon you may be able to add measuring your blood sugar to that list.

The new device does not yet have a name. But it does have a vision. Or at least, the company behind it has a vision for it. A wearable that can accurately measure your blood sugar without you having to poke yourself with needles.

The company who is developing this device is called Quantum Operation Inc. and has just shown it off in its early state of development as part of CES 2021.


As far as the core feature of this device goes, accurately is the key factor here. A number of wearables that offer other health-related features, such as measuring your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, etc. are already questioned by some consumers in regards to accuracy.

Can a wearable device actually measure your blood sugar accurately without needles?

According to Quantum Operation Inc., the answer is yes. Yes it can. The company is using patented spectroscopy materials that reside within the wearable device itself and within the wearable’s band.

Once the user puts the band on, they can activate the measurement tool. The built-in spectrometer will then scan the wearer’s blood to measure for glucose levels.


Quantum Operation Inc. also says that the wearable has the capability to measure your heart rate and ECG. The blood sugar measurement of course is what would set it apart from other devices on the market.

Nearly every wearable available today offers heart rate measurement. Even the less expensive ones. And some of the more recent devices like the Galaxy Watch 3, Fitbit Sense, and a few others are starting to offer the ECG features.

This would be the first non-invasive blood sugar measurement tool

A non-invasive tool for measuring blood sugar levels is something that would surely be a highly prized piece of technology.


For consumers, so far the only options are to either poke themselves with a needle to draw actual blood, or to have an implant that does the job. But a wearable that could do the job without having to draw blood would be a pretty big thing.

Especially for Quantum Operation Inc. as this would be the first non-invasive tool for just such a purpose. As of right now the device is currently only a prototype with no release date. Assuming that the device ends up being released in the first place.

Even when or if the device makes it to market, it’s not something that is likely to be readily available at your local Best Buy. As Quantum Operation Inc. plans to sell the technology to insurers and healthcare providers.