Verizon Gives Samsung Galaxy S20 Some Love With A New Update

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Verizon is already prepped to update the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S21 series when it arrives and now it’s taking the opportunity to update the Galaxy S20 too. That’s based on a recent report detailing the carrier’s announcement on the matter.

Now, this isn’t going to be the biggest update for Samsung’s previous flagship. That happened back in December, finalizing with updates to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. And that update, in particular, was huge. It included both Android 11 and Samsung’s One UI 3.0. Comparatively, this update is going to be small and won’t include any new bloatware. Unlike the above-mentioned day 1 update.

So what’s included in the new Verizon Samsung Galaxy S20 series update?

Summarily, Verizon is utilizing this update to bring the January Android Security Patch to the entire Samsung Galaxy S20 series. That means that, after the update, all three of the standard S20 devices will have the latest bug and vulnerability fixes.


The update will also bring some unspecified “performance improvements” to each of the devices as well. And that’s not altogether surprising either. In fact, it likely owes to the fact that the previous update was not only bigger than usual but also more complex than is usual.

In terms of what users should expect, the update is arriving with different version numbers for each device, as is typical and to be expected. For the standard Samsung Galaxy S20, the build number is going to be RP1A.200720.012.G981VSQU1CTLB. The Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S20 Ultra, conversely, will see build numbers RP1A.200720.012.G986USQU1CTLB and RP1A.200720.012.G988USQU1CTLB, respectively.

Here’s how you can snag the update now

Now, these types of updates are typically delivered over-the-air (OTA) automatically via carriers’ networks or Wi-Fi. So users should begin seeing a notification appear, prompting the update. But, for those who don’t want to wait, it’s easy enough to manually check too. While not guaranteed, that can, in some instances, bring the update faster.


Users simply need to navigate to the Settings app and then scroll down to System updates. In that menu, tapping “Check for system updates” will start the process.