Verizon Customers Can Get discovery+ Free For 12 Months

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discovery+ launches today, and Verizon customers can get 12 months of the service for free.

Verizon is offering customers the ad-free version of discovery+, which is priced at $6.99 per month. So after your 12 months of free discovery+, Verizon notes that you’ll be charged $6.99 per month.

This is not available for all Verizon customers. You will need to be on select Unlimited plans or a FiOS customer. If you are on the Play More or Get More Unlimited plan, you can claim your 12 months of discovery+ for free. If you are on the Start or Do More Unlimited plans, you can get 6 months free. Which isn’t quite as good, but that’s still six months of free content from discovery+.


To claim your free six or twelve months of discovery+, you are going to need to do so in the Verizon app. Head over to add-ons, and you should see it available there. Keep in mind that this will auto-renew. So if you don’t want to keep it after the promotional period, make sure to make a not to cancel before your six or twelve months are up.

What is discovery+?

Basically, it’s a new streaming service that houses all of the Discovery content in one place. You’ll find content from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet and more available on this platform. There is also going to be some original content coming to discovery+ in the near future.

There’s a decent amount of content available on discovery+, considering the fact that this is only $4.99 per month for the ad-supported version and $6.99 for ad-free. Which makes it the cheapest streaming service on the market right now.


We’ve also just learned that it will be available on Amazon Fire TV and Roku as well. Making it available on all of the most popular streaming platforms – with the only notable exception being Android TV.

discovery+ Free for Verizon Customers!