UAG Has The Cases You Need For Your Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Phone

UAG Cases pressers Samsung Galaxy S21 series

If you plan to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) has all the cases you might need to protect your investment. In fact, the company has announced no fewer than seven new case models. And each of the new UAG cases will fit any of the new Galaxy S21 devices with MIL-STD 810G 516.6 standards drop and shock protection. And, for some of the cases, well beyond even that.

In fact, each of the cases, with one exception is also rated for wireless charging and wireless tap-to-pay compatibility too. And, as noted above, that's going to work for Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra equally well. With no price differences based on the phone model chosen. But there are also some key differences between the different case series.

UAG has cases to suit just about anybody with a Galaxy S21 series device

The first of the new cases is the UAG Civilian Series case. Featuring an impact-resistant exoskeleton, "hex cushioning," and shock-absorbing panels, this is the case to buy for those that want an extra light case that still offers plenty of protection. Not only does it mean the above-mentioned MIL-STD standards. UAG designed it with extra-grippy textures and oversized tactile buttons.


All of that ensures that UAG Civilian provides top-level protection without sacrificing the features, feel, and quality Samsung has put into its Galaxy S21 series. The UAG Civilian for Samsung Galaxy S21 is a solid-color case that comes in Black, Eggplant, Mallard, Olive, or Silver.

Next up is UAG's Pathfinder series cases, with the company selling both a standard and SE version. Both cases feature a low-profile design with chiseled corners and an armored casing with torsion screw detail. That's in addition to the integrated paracord lanyard anchor — although you'll need to supply your own lanyard. Each also features an impact-resistant core.

The biggest difference between the UAG Pathfinder and Pathfinder SE appears to be coloration. The latter variant comes in two two-toned camo colors; Black Midnight Camo, Forrest Camo. And it costs just a bit more too. The standard Pathfinder two-toned colorations are Black, Mallard, Olive, and Silver.

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The UAG Plasma Series cases, conversely, build on the design standards set by Pathfinder. Summarily, they feature a "feather-light- build with a lower-profile edge and traction grip with over-sized tactile buttons.

Plasma also abandons the paracord lanyard anchor in favor of a slimmer design. And it switches up the overall design a bit too. Namely, featuring a honeycomb/grid look for their translucent rear panel in four different colors. Those are Ash, a green-tinted Billie color, Ice, and Mallard.

UAG has slimmer, more minimalist Galaxy S21 series cases too

For those who need something even more minimal, without sacrificing protection for their Galaxy S21 series smartphone, UAG Pylo Series cases could be the way to go. The Pylo Series cases are slimmer, with air-cushioned corners, and a lower-profile. They're still rated for drop-test standards MIL-STD 810G 516.6 with increased shock protection. But without too much extra bulk.


Pylo comes in a single, "Ice" coloration that's semi-transparent.

An even more slimmed back case design, on the other hand, is the UAG [U] LUCENT case. The final of UAG's slim-fit cases is also its slimmest. Featuring a microdot pattern that gradients away at the edges, UAG  [U] LUCENT comes in four colors. Those are Ash, Dusty Rose, Ice, and Orange.

If you want the best protection, pick up the UAG Monarch Series cases

The final of UAG's cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is the Monarch Series, arriving in Black, Carbon Fiber, Crimson, and Mallard. This case takes things a step further for those who really need the extra protection. Starting with a 5-layer construction that offers two-times the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 drop and shock protection rating of the other cases here.


Despite that, UAG Monarch still manages a lightweight design with extra-grippy texture so that users don't drop their phone, to begin with. And with over-sized tactile buttons to keep button-presses feeling fresh.

For those who are prone to cracking their phone screens, this is arguably the case to buy.

The sole caveat for this case is that it's the only one UAG doesn't list with wireless charging or wireless tap-to-pay support. Likely owing to how rugged it is.


Pricing is the same regardless of which phone model you buy

Now, pricing for these cases is fairly straightforward, as is usually the case with the best cases on the market. The most expensive, of course, is UAG Monarch, as it offers the most protection. That's going to cost $59.95. The UAG Civilian Series, Pathfinder, Plasma, and Pylo cases, conversely, are all the same. UAG has set the cost of those at just $39.95. Or, for a little more, the UAG Pathfinder SE can be had for $49.95. Finally, the slimmest UAG case, the [U] LUCENT, can be picked up for just $29.95.

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