TP-Link Announces Various New Wi-Fi 6E And Alexa Routers

TP Link router main

As part of the entirely virtual CES, TP-Link has announced a whole host of new routers. As reported by CNET these include multiple Wi-Fi 6E routers and an Alexa router.

This is not the only announcement TP-Link has made regarding new products recently. The company recently revealed a whole new range of Kasa products including a smart doorbell. This product, in particular, bore a striking resemblance to the Hello Nest doorbell as many people commented.

This was not the only Kasa produced that TP-Link announced. They also showed off a new outdoor camera, the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt camera and a new outdoor smart plug. All of these products are expected to launch at some stage during 2021 with no detail on pricing just yet.


This makes for a big few days for TP-Link with the announcement of this range of new routers as well. These include routers capable of transmitting in the 6GHz band and one with in-build Alexa voice functionality.

TP-Link announces a range of new routers

The aforementioned Alexa router named the TP-Link Deco Voice X20 adds to the Deco mesh lineup for 2021. This router will have an inbuilt speaker and microphone to help extend Alexa's footprint in the home.

Some have questioned how much this will actually be a draw for consumers. Given Alexa's saturation into the homes of those that have bought into the system will this be much of an incentive?

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However, this device still gains the support for Wi-Fi 6 which produces faster speeds and the latest features so there is still a big upside. TP Link

TP-Link also plans to release a number of new networking devices that support Wi-Fi 6E later in 2021. Wi-Fi 6E is the latest designation for Wi-Fi 6 and can transmit on the 6GHz band opened last year.

The two products able to support this will be the AX7800 system called the TP-Link Deco X96 and the AX5400 system called the Deco X76 Plus. The latter of which comes with a built-in smart home hub.


TP Link router 2

TP-Link has also announced the release of new single routers as opposed to mesh systems. The company has plans to release the Archer AX96 in the latter stages of 2021. This router is a tri-band AX7800 router with a separate 6GHz band.

Additionally, TP-Link showed off the new Archer AX206, which is an extravagant gaming router. TP-Link claims this device will come with "unstoppable" transmissions and "eradicates" latency.


TP Link router

TP-Link also offers new alternatives to Wi-Fi 6E

For those that do not wish to splash out on Wi-Fi 6E, TP-Link has also announced several Wi-Fi 6 options as well. These include Deco X90 which is an AX6600 mesh router with a tri-band design featuring a 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands.

This range also includes the Archer AX90 which is a standalone tri-band router with Wi-Fi 6 and identical specifications to the Deco X90.


This makes for a busy year for TP-Link in terms of its router output. We expect more details to emerge over the next few weeks on release dates and prices.