TP-Link Announces New Kasa Smart Doorbell Very Similar To Nest Model

TP Link Doorbell

TP-Link has announced its new Kasa Smart Doorbell amongst a whole host of other gadgets. However, as reported by The Verge the new smart doorbell looks very similar to the Nest Hello Doorbell in terms of design.

The Nest Hello Doorbell was first launched back in 2018 so some time ago now. Recently we have started to see some significant discounts on the product as it enters its third year of existence.

The Hello Doorbell features the same lozenge-shaped, black-on-white design as the new TP-Link model. The latter is able to detect package delivers distinguishing them from other types of interaction.


Alongside the new TP-Link Kasa Smart Doorbell the company has also announced a variety of other products. These include a new outdoor camera, the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt camera and a new outdoor smart plug.

TP-Link announces new Smart Doorbell

TP-Link announced the new Kasa Smart Doorbell alongside its wider Kasa range. The new doorbell is expected to come with a camera capable of capturing 1080p video. The product can also distinguish between people and other moving objects.

It should also be able to save footage to either a microSD card or the cloud giving users more options than before. The device can also be paired with an indoor chime to alert owners if someone is at the door.

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The design of the device is, as mentioned, reminiscent of the Nest Hello model. It is a compact gadget, with a camera at the top and a button to ring the bell at the bottom.

Thus far we have heard nothing regarding pricing or a definite release date. The expectation is that it should become available sometime in 2021.

As mentioned, TP-Link also announced a wider range of Kasa products. These include a new outdoor camera which should be able to record constantly 2K. It also includes a “starlight” sensor to capture “full-color” video at night. This also comes with the option of recording to either microSD or cloud storage.


TP-Link also announced the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt camera which has been updated to support 2k video. The company has added two more light-dimming options, including a motion-activated dimmer and an updated three-way switch as well.

The final product announced was an outdoor smart plug with only a single outlet. All of these devices are also expected to launch in 2021 with pricing to be confirmed at a later date.

Overall, an exciting line up from Kasa hopefully we should get some more information regarding pricing and release dates in the upcoming weeks and months.