Totallee Drops The Thinnest Cases For Galaxy S21 Series In Two Colors

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For those planning to pick up one of Samsung's new Galaxy S21 series handsets, now might be the time to start looking for a case. And long-time case maker totallee has cases for all three of the new Galaxy S21 flagships. So buyers can protect their investment, regardless of whether they've gone with the $799 Samsung Galaxy S21, $999 Galaxy S21+, or the $1299 Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What's special about these Galaxy S21 series cases from totallee?

Billed as the thinnest protective case around, the Galaxy S21 case, Galaxy S21+ case, and Galaxy S21 Ultra case are listed as measuring just 0.02"-0.03" thin. Conversely, they also weigh just 0.1-ounces. So they'll add minimal bulk, staying pocket-friendly while also adding more protection against drops and scratches.

Totallee designed the cases for each of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series flagships to provide a perfect fit, with a raised lip around the camera housing. All while maintaining a slim profile that works well with wireless charging and Wireless Powershare — AKA, reverse wireless charging.


The slim size isn't the only benefit for these cases, though. The company engineered these cases without any branding or logos, just for starters. And there is a clear or transparent version of each case available too.

That means that the phones can shine through, negating a problem seen with many case manufacturers. Namely, that many cases hide the design, making choosing the perfect color configuration for the phone mostly pointless. So this case will keep your phone looking great. Regardless of whether the phone has been bought in Phantom Silver or Phantom Black. Or in the Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Gray, and Phantom White colors the Galaxy S21 more affordable series devices offer.

Of course, there's also a Black colored totallee case for each phone, in case that's more your style.

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How much do these cases cost?

Totallee has priced the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series cases at a reasonable $39.99. It also plans to ship out its clear cases within one business day. Although the Matte Black cases will start shipping later, on February 5 according to the company's website. Buyers can pick up the cases either at the official totallee site or at Amazon.

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