Tile Working On A New Tracker With Ultra-Wideband Technology

Tile UWB tracker

In a recent development, Tile is prepping up to introduce a new tracker this year. Notably, this new Tile tracker will make use of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology instead of Bluetooth.

Moreover, with this new tracking device based on UWB (ultra-wideband), Tile will serve as a rival to the much-awaited Apple AirTags, which are yet to release.

Besides, as per TechCrunch, this tracker being more advantageous will also be a competitor to the other trackers in the market, including those from Samsung.


Previous Tile trackers used Bluetooth technology to track lost items. You can tag these trackers onto your house or car keys, or even smartphones.

However, the upcoming Tile trackers that use ultra-wideband technology to find missing items. On top of this, Tile trackers will use AR (Augmented Reality) to help users locate lost items via the Tile mobile app.

One important thing here to note is that one should not confuse the ultra-wideband technology with Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network.

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FYI, the ultra-wideband technology is available on newer iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. Additionally, select Android devices also support this technology, including devices from Samsung.

Tile will make use of UWB that operates at very high frequencies

The UWB technology that Tile will make use of in its upcoming tracker will operate at very high frequencies. It is a similar wireless communication protocol to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Since UWB captures spatial and directional data, where it comes in handy in tracking lost-item finders. Apple has also been working on its own set of trackers called AirTags.


Last year, Apple provided the developers access to third-party developers to its U1 chip. U1 Chip makes use of UWB frequencies to make the iPhone aware via its "NearbyInteraction" framework.

As noted by TechCrunch, it is unclear to what extent the new frameworks will be used by Tile in its upcoming UWB-based trackers. Looking at Tile’s internal concept art for the device, the design of Tile's UWB looks similar to its small trackers.

The tracker will have a square design, a center button, and an adhesive to mount it onto any surface. Besides, it can also be attached to a key chain.


The new Tile UWB tracker will locate the lost items faster, and via the AR capabilities, users can make use of it to guide themselves to the lost item's location.

The AR function will guide users by showing them directional arrows and an AR view of the item’s location. According to the source, Tile is working to release this tracker later this year for both Android and iOS.

But TechCrunch has highlighted that when contacted Tile about this upcoming UWB device, they refrained from commenting about its plans for the device at the time.