The UN Will Release A Game To Educate About Protecting The Earth

UN Game

The UN has created a game to provide education about protecting the ozone layer which is set to release next month. As reported by Engadget the game entitled 'Reset Earth' teaches you about the earth and climate change as you play along.

This demonstrates a renewed emphasis in the media to begin the conversation again about climate change. We have seen this in a number of places over the last few months as well as stretching back further.

Amazon employees spoke out against their company's apparent hypocrisy in its climate change policy. They accused Amazon of continued links with gas and oil companies despite commitments and external marketing campaigns regarding climate change.


Stretching further back we saw Google and other big tech companies directly oppose Donald Trump's policies on climate change. With Biden now in office, this issue is less prevalent. However, this still demonstrates how the topic has intruded into the tech sector over the past few years.

This game is aimed at younger audiences as you would imagine. It hopes to engage the youth of today in trying to understand the dangers that present themselves to the earth right now.

UN ready to launch educational game about climate change

The Reset Earth game is going to be available for both Android and iOS and tasks the user saving the ozone layer. You play as a teen in the year 2084 who travels back to 1987.

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The aim of the game is to ensure the signing Montreal Protocol, preserve the ozone and prevent the rise of a virus known as "the grow".

It's essentially a "2D platform runner" which includes puzzle-solving tasks. These include hacking devices, slowing time and exploding items.

Reset Earth is also fairly simplistic when you compare it to triple AAA releases but that is not really the aim. It is designed as a simple way of trying to help teach science to the younger generations through a more engaging method.


The game should become available on February 10 or slightly later than the January 24th premiere of the series. No one is expecting this game to change the world or reach a huge audience.

However, at least the timing is good with a renewed interest in climate change across a lot of mainstream media. Hopefully, this game will have a positive impact on engaging some youngsters into science. In any case, hopefully it is also an engaging experience for that reason even if the game is nothing special.