The New JBL Tour Series Headphones Will Make Your Work Calls Easier

JBL Tour Pro

JBL makes audio for all kinds of people and business professionals are no exception, especially now with the new Tour series headphones that the brand’s parent company Harman has announced today.

With the Tour series, Harman has set out to make the perfect pair of headphones for business professionals. Offering features that cater both to the sometimes hectic and busy work schedules and high quality audio for listening to music or other media.

Today’s announcement includes two pairs of headphones. One pair is an over-ear model called the JBL Tour ONE. Which should lend itself well to just about any setting. The other is the JBL Tour Pro+. Which are true wireless in-ear headphones, perfect for the user who wants something extremely portable, lightweight, and more compact.


JBL Tour series headphones both offer adaptive noise cancelling

Wireless headphones these have days a lot of different features but one that is always sought after is some form of noise cancellation.

With the Tour series being marketed towards business professionals, noise cancellation is important for numerous reasons. It’s great when you want to keep out as much sound as possible so you can enjoy your music or videos.

But it’s also useful for making sure you can hear the person on the other end of your phone calls. Both the Tour ONE and the Tour Pro+ have adaptive noise cancellation.


The tech on the Tour ONE seems to be a little more advanced though. JBL calls this True Adaptive Noise Cancellation, as it immediately begins monitoring all outside background noises so that it can adjust how much noise to cancel. No matter what the situation is or what setting you’re in.

Both pairs of headphones offer long playback times as well. With the Tour ONE offering up to 50 hours of playback time on a single charge. Though that time is cut in half if you’re using the true adaptive noise cancellation.

Meanwhile the Tour Pro+ comes with up to 8 hours of playback time without the ANC. Or up to 6 with it. That time is also extended to 30 hours with the additional charges from the charging case.


The headphones arrive late Spring starting at $199

JBL has announced a lot of different new audio products today. All with varying release dates. The new Tour series headphones are looking at a late Spring arrival.

Specifically on May 30 of 2021, starting at a price point of $199 for the Tour Pro+. The Tour ONE will retail for $299. So they’ll be a bit more expensive but that’s fairly comparable to headphones like the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II and the Sony 1000XM4.

JBL Tour ONE 2