Telegram Is Working On New Tool To Migrate Chats Over From WhatsApp

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Telegram has begun work on a new tool that will allow users to migrate chats over from other apps including WhatsApp. As reported by 9to5 Mac this comes amid the WhatsApp privacy backlash and will be used as a way to entice users over to the platform.

This all comes after millions of users switched over from WhatsApp to Telegram. The reason for the switch was the WhatsApp planned to bring in a privacy change which forced users to share their data with Facebook. WhatsApp eventually delayed the move but this has done little to stop users backlash.

Telegram reported that as of the first week of January the app had surpassed 500 million monthly active users. This is in no small part to a large number of switches have come from WhatsApp themselves.


Telegram now look to take advantage of users loyalty to WhatsApp waning. By making it easier and more convenient to switch with this new tool they may see even more coming over to Telegram with this new tool to migrate your chats.

Telegram begins work on a chat migration tool

As reported by Pocket Now it is worth noting that this tool is still under development. It was originally released as part of version 7.4 of the app however, moments later Telegram pulled it back.

This suggests that Telegram still has much work to do on the feature and wants to make a public announcement. Despite the fact that Telegram pulled the feature very quickly we have worked out some details about it.


These include that users will be able to import chats from WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, and other unspecified apps. It also appears to work very seamlessly.

For example, if you are in WhatsApp all you need to do is access the ‘More’ menu in a chat. Then choose the “Export Chat” option. This will generate a ZIP file which you can export to Telegram via the iOS Share Sheet.

Telegram will ask which contact or group you wish to pair with the chat. From there all the messages will become synchronized.


It seems that some users can still import chats using the latest version. Telegram did not confirm that it works for all users. At this stage, it seems like a matter of time before Telegram announces the new feature.

This could be a stroke of genius for Telegram. With some users clearly unwilling to switch apps for fear of losing their chat history this could persuade a number of teetering users on other apps and make Telegram even more popular.