Tencent Games Is Partnering With RedMagic To Advance Mobile Gaming

RedMagic Tencent Games Partnership

Tencent Games is a behemoth in the gaming industry and it’s partnering up with RedMagic. The two companies have officially announced today.

Working together, Tencent Games and RedMagic aim to advance the future of mobile gaming. The companies plan to do so in more than a few ways. And all of those efforts will be developed at a brand-new gaming research center that was created specifically for this new strategic partnership.

While the goals of this new gaming strategy are all but laid bare in their entirety, there is a big focus on improving mobile gaming experiences, and improving the state of mobile Esports.


Tencent has partnered up with other device manufacturers in the past. For example it helped design a Tencent Games edition of the ROG Phone 3 in partnership with ASUS.

RedMagic and Tencent Games are celebrating the partnership’s beginning with a new phone

To kick everything off RedMagic is releasing a new phone. It was built in partnership with Tencent Games and is a highly customized version of the RedMagic 6 that was designed specifically for the Chinese market. Called the Tencent RedMagic 6.

The phone is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2021. So it could be launched officially within the next month or two. Keep in mind though that this is a device that is only being released in China. Though RedMagic may choose to release a global version of it under a different name and with no special customizations.


Tencent’s SolarCore game acceleration engine will be used on this new device

Lots of mobile gaming improvements will no doubt come from this partnership. But something that will be immediately noticeable is the integration of Tencent’s SolarCore game acceleration engine in devices.

The partnership will see it integrated with RedMagic phones. Such as the customized version of the RedMagic 6 that’s releasing in China soon. According to Tencent Games this software will help with higher frame refresh rates, faster touch response rates, and lower delay.

The software also includes optimizations for games that are published by Tencent. Meaning you’ll likely see optimizations for big titles like Honour of Kings, PUBG MOBILE, and Call Of Duty: Mobile. All of which are Tencent Games properties.


RedMagic says that it has more news to share in the coming months. Both geared towards RedMagic’s global users as well as it’s Chinese users. The Tencent RedMagic 6 is also just the start of the collaboration and will unfold into more offerings down the road.