TCL Brings Its A-Game With Trackers & Earbuds At CES 2021

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TCL hit this year's all-digital CES 2021 with new tablets and new phones from both Alcatel and the TCL brand. But the company isn't stopping there. TCL is also launching new accessories and wearables, ranging from pet trackers and signal boosters to earbuds at CES.


The first topic up for discussion this CES is neither pet trackers nor earbuds from TCL. Instead, TCL has announced TCL LINKHUB 4G Outdoor CPE. This particular announcement is also among the least well-detailed since this product will launch later on in the year. For now, TCL is billing the device as a way to improve LTE broadband coverage in remote outdoor areas where coverage is typically spotty.

TCL LINKHUB 4G Outdoor CPE is designed with an IP67 rating for water and dust incursion, just for starters. But it's also explicitly designed to boost the signal, closing the gap between users' homes and LTE towers. Specifically, it utilizes high-gain 4X4 MIMO hardware, serving up 4G Cat12 connectivity. For clarity, that supports up to 603Mbps down and 102Mbps up.


TCL MOVEAUDIO S600 is the long-lasting earbuds you're looking for at CES 2021

TCL's new true wireless earbuds, conversely, boast a staggering battery life without shirking on features typically associated with premium models. And that's because, despite Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling and audio-pass-through Transparency Mode, TCL's MOVEAUDIO S600, delivers up to 8-hours on a single charge. Or a total of 32-hours, including the charge-and-carry case.

But battery life and top features aren't the only boast-worthy aspects for these earbuds. TCL MOVEAUDIO S600 provides clear calls via Bluetooth 5.0, access to Google Assistant and more via touch controls, and IP54 water and dust incursion rating. All with touch controls built into the buds themselves. So users can easily switch between music and calls, manage playlists, and more. And that's setting aside on-ear detection. So playback stops and starts when you take off or put in your earbuds.

TCL also packed MOVEAUDIO with three mics for better echo cancellation. And, perhaps best of all Google Fast Pair, launched in 2019, is built right in too. So users can pair these up more quickly and intuitively than with many competing earbuds.

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TCL MOVETRACK is pet tracking re-imagined for under $130

The final announcement as part of today's TCL CES event is the MOVETRACK Pet Tracker. As its branding implies, this is a tracker that attaches to a pet's collar. Then, users create a "virtual leash"  by connecting the tracker to their smartphone. Summarily, that provides real-time multi-geo location tracking via GPS, WiFi, and other technologies. Helping owners keep an eye on their companions wherever they might roam.

Moreover, the tracker provides notifications to users if it leaves its designated Bluetooth coverage area — covering up to 10-meters. And owners can create digitally-managed safe zones. So it will be possible to receive an alert if the tracked pet leaves areas its owner deems safe. But TCL has gone quite a bit further than trying to reimagine digital trackers too. This IP67-rated tracker lasts for up to 14-days and does a lot more than monitor location.

TCL also says the TCL MOVETRACK Pet Tracker will provide users with daily, weekly, or monthly updates regarding playing, walking, or resting activity for their pet. Meaning that this tracker acts as a kind of health and fitness wearable for your pet. The tracker also features an E-badge QR code, so that pets can be returned if they wander too far. And the tracker tag can be lit up via LEDs too. So owners will be able to more easily locate their pet if it happens to be dark when that happens.


When are these TCL trackers, accessories, and earbuds coming and what's the cost?

Now, TCL has also unveiled plans to launch a new device dubbed the "TCL Wearable Display" in 2021. But details about that device aren't as forthcoming. The company describes the gadget as a "light and stylish pair of glasses" but also says they come with dual 1080p micro OLED displays. The glasses connect to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and 2-in-1 PCs at 1080p via USB-C display output. Summarily, allowing users to watch movies, play games, and more.

More details will be unveiled as the launch of TCL Wearable Display approaches later this year. But, for now, there's already plenty to talk about.

For starters, the TCL MOVEAUDIO earbuds and MOVETRACK pet trackers will be available sooner than later, following the CES announcement. The former is available starting in February for 149€ — approximately $182. The latter will arrive later on, "this spring," and will come in three colors. Pricing is set to start globally at around 99€ — roughly $121.


Last but not least, TCL says its LINKHUB 4G Outdoor CPE will be available later still. But that it will arrive this year. The company hasn't detailed a price, just yet.