Targus' New Keyboard Can Kill COVID-19 & Other Germs

targus uv c keyboard covid 19

UV-C has become pretty popular in the past ten months of so, largely thanks to COVID-19. And at CES 2021, we are seeing a lot of products aimed at helping us get through the pandemic. Targus is one of those companies. Targus has just announced a new keyboard with UV-C that will kill COVID-19 and other germs as well. This is something we've needed all along, and will need after COVID-19 is gone.

With this keyboard, there is an ultraviolet lamp that sits above your keyboard and mouse, and anything else you might have on your desk. It will automatically eliminate 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria. Just by running for about five minutes each hour.

This is a motion-sensitive UV-C light, so it will automatically turn off if you happen to return to your desk before it is finished disinfecting your desk.


Targus also debuts an Antimicrobial Backpack

It's more than just a keyboard with an ultraviolet light. Targus has also introduced an Antimicrobial Backpack at CES 2021.

This backpack is able to carry laptops between 15 and 17.3 inches in size. It does have antimicrobial coatings on "key touchpoints" that will reduce the changes of picking up any germs or COVID-19.

Targus is also expected to release an antimicrobial keyboard, mouse and a SafePort rugged case for the 7th and 8th-generation iPads. So that you can keep your devices nice and clean. There is also a new Tablet Cradle Workstation that will turn your Galaxy Tab Active 3 into a small all-in-one PC.

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These are all expected to be available in the Spring. Targus has not yet released prices for these products, but we should be seeing prices in the coming weeks. Since the Spring isn't too far away.

This is going to be a new trend that we see in 2021, so don't expect Targus to be the only one focusing on antimicrobial products and UV-C lights.