T-Mobile Now Fastest 5G Network According To Independent Test

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T-Mobile has announced that they are now the fastest 5G network in America as shown by an independent test. The company has claimed that it is now not only the largest but also the fastest network in the country by this measure.

Claims of speed and size of the network are now intensifying as 5G expands across America and the world. Most companies want to claim some level of success from their expanding networks so it can be hard to establish what the true story is.

Despite all of T-Mobile’s claims many users have experienced far slower speeds and less coverage than the company has announced. Patchiness in the network seems to be an issue here.


However, rivals Telstra and Ericsson and Qualcomm have recently announced new record speeds for their network. Vastly improving on previous tests these companies recorded maxed speeds at a rate of 5Gbps.

No doubt competition between companies will continue to intensify over 2021 as networks expand. T-Mobile has proclaimed to be the fastest and largest 5G network in the country but this could change over the next few months.

Independent test shows T-Mobile to have the fastest 5G network

The test was conducted by Opensignal and was based on “real world customer usage from millions of device measurements” according to T-Mobile.


It compared Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile with T-Mobile coming out on top in 5 of the seven categories tested. The only places it fell behind were in 5G Video Experience and User Video Experience.

T-Mobile did boast victories in 5G download speeds, fastest 5G upload speeds and 5G availability. This does confirm that T-Mobile in theory has the largest and now fastest network in the US.

Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile was naturally excited by the news. He said “from the word ‘go’, we’ve been the leader in 5G coverage”. He went onto point out “Last year we blanketed the country in 5G, and now we’re layering on the capacity and speed” noting that “we are just getting started”.


The independent test was built on measurements of real experience. It works off of millions of users every day from around the country in different circumstances.

Anshel Sag, Senior Analyst with Moor Insights and Strategy has also praised T-Mobile for its efforts. He said T-Moblie took “a differentiated strategic approach to 5G”. However, he went onto point out “we are now starting to see the results pay off in the two areas customers care about most – coverage and speed”.

There is clearly still a long way to go in the 5G race over the coming months. However, T-Mobile looks to be in a strong position compared to its competitors. Although we should note that much more can still change over the course of 201.