Speck Has Four Flagship-Worthy Cases For Your Galaxy S21 Series Phone

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Speck has officially launched its Samsung Galaxy S21 series cases, including cases for the Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra 5G. In fact, the company has no fewer than four new cases for each device. And not only is each case protected with Microban Antimicrobial protection. Each also offers up to 13-feet of drop protection.

The new cases from Speck are also priced identically across the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup. So there won't be unexpected price changes depending on the phone.

So where do these cases differ?

Despite that each case has the same basic protective features, there are a few differences between them. Primarily, those come down to style and preference but the differences are still worth noting.


The first of the new cases is the Presidio2 Grip. The solid-color case comes in three variations for each of the new Samsung devices. Each in a tri-tone configuration. The options are Coastal Blue/Black/Storm Blue, Graphite Grey/Black/Bold Red, and Black/Black/White. But it isn't just coloration that sets these cases apart from others announced today.

Speck Presidio2 Grip features Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology to cushion the phone from damage. Speck accented the soft-touch finish with wavy grip lines to help users hold onto their device more firmly.

The second and third new case designs are all but identical and fall into the clear case category. Presidio Perfect-Clear offers slim, transparent protection with anti-yellowing, discoloration-resistant materials. As with the other cases here, the Presidio Perfect-Clear is slim enough to allow wireless charging. But without any extra coloration to get in the way.

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Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre takes that a step further, adding a dash of color. Specifically, that's a dash of pink-hued "Vintage Rose" color. That occupies the lower half of the case and gradients out until it's transparent.

Finally, the Presidio Perfect-Mist is similar to the other Presidio clear cases here. But it's only semi-transparent, showing the Samsung phones through an Obsidian black tone.

Speck cases are available today for the Galaxy S21 series

As noted above, the new phone cases from Speck are going to be priced the same. That's regardless of what Samsung Galaxy S21 series phone they're for. That means that the price of the Presidio2 Grip, for example, is $44.95. And that price applies to all Galaxy S21 models. The same holds for the Presidio Perfect-Clear at $39.95. And for the Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre and Presidio Perfect-Mist — both priced at $44.95.


Speck Cases For Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra