You Can Replace Your Sonos Move Battery With This $69 Kit

sonos move battery kit

Sonos has announced a new battery replacement kit for the Move, that will cost you $69. This is going to allow users to replace the battery in the Sonos Move, and continue using the portable speaker for many more years.

This is actually a pretty surprising move for the Sonos Move, as most companies would just use the battery dying, as a way to get people to buy a new speaker. But with Sonos users, many users keep their speakers for many years before replacing. These aren't speakers that get replaced every year or two.

Sonos says that the Move battery should last around three years, or about 900 charges. So it should last quite some time, and no one should need to replace their battery just yet.


What comes in the battery replacement kit?

The battery replacement kit comes with the replacement battery of course, as well as replacement screws and tools to open up your Sonos Move.

This is actually a really decent price for a battery replacement kit. And as you can tell in the picture above, the Sonos Move battery is actually not all that large. That is because there are some large tweeters and woofers inside the Move, which takes up the majority of the space there.

Sonos has been moving to become more consumer-friendly in the past couple of years. It was already pretty consumer-friendly, but now it is really listening to its customers. And since the Move was the first speaker from Sonos that was "portable" meaning, it has a battery, releasing a battery replacement kit was definitely needed.

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This battery replacement kit is going to come in black and white, to match the existing colors of the Sonos Move. You'll be able to purchase it from the Sonos website fairly soon. It'll cost $69 here in the US and $89 in Canada.