The SmartThings App Now Lets You Add Nest Devices

Samsung Smartthings AH NS 01

Samsung’s SmartThings app is preparing to let users add Nest products to their automated control setup. The integration, which is already live for some users it appears, should be starting to roll out to anyone with a SmartThings hub and platform setup.

It’s worth keeping in mind though that it may take a little while for everyone to get the feature compatibility.

Samsung confirmed last December that its SmartThings platform would be gaining support for Nest devices. But since the initial announcement about it Samsung hadn’t really said much in terms of when it would arrive. Now users are starting to see Nest as a possible option for smart home device brands when going to add a new device.


Add a Nest device from the SmartThings app

It goes without saying that you’ll need to be using the SmartThings platform for this to work. And you’ll obviously need a Nest device. At some point at least.

If you pop into the application you should be able to see Nest in the list of supported device brands. With options to scan a QR code, scan for devices, or browse the brands to find Nest. As noted above though it’s possible that this may not be live for everyone just yet.

If you aren’t seeing the option to add a Nest device, this may be why. It also doesn’t appear that any official announcements have been made by either Samsung or Google that this functionality would be rolling out today.


So this is probably just a quiet push by Samsung and Google.

Soon you can control devices from your car

Back at Unpacked, Samsung announced that Android Auto would also be getting integration with SmartThings. Opening up the SmartThings platform to Android Auto will make it possible for users to initiate a range of different tasks all from the comfort of their car.

Whether they’re on the way home or just leaving. In Samsung’s demo, this included a brief mention about Nest products. So now that the SmartThings integration is live, that puts people one step closer to using it to control things from Nest in their vehicle. Like thermostats, cameras, and more.


If you aren’t seeing the option to add Nest devices, try updating the SmartThings app and see if that has any impact. Assuming there’s an update available in the first place.