Sennheiser IE 300 In-Ear Headphones Offer Meticulous Design & Audio

01 sennheiser ces press IE 300 product mood shot CMYK

CES 2021 may not be an in-person event this year. But that hasn't stopped Sennheiser from taking the opportunity to launch its new IE 300 in-ear Headphones. The new headphones have been "meticulously crafted," according to Sennheiser Product Manager Jermo Köhnke, to let all of the details of music shine through.

Driving that, Sennheiser packed its new IE 300 headphones with a newly-refined 7mm Extra Wide Band transducer. Manufactured at the company's Germany headquarters, the transducer takes audio quality to the next level, according to the company. And it accomplishes that in a few ways.

Not only does the new arrangement include an 'optimized membrane foil' to tamp down on natural resonances and total harmonic distortion (THD). Although THD is at less than 0.08-percent at 1kHz and 94dB. The earbuds offer a frequency response that's well beyond average too. The company didn't center solely on the average range of human hearing — 20Hz to 20kHz — either. Sennheiser IE 300 features a response from 6Hz to 20kHz.


That means that these earbuds offer crystal clear sound across the board.

Aside from audio, what sets Sennheiser IE 300 apart?

Now, the design language behind Sennheiser IE 300 is going to be familiar to those who use wired headphones. Sennheiser engineered them with comfort in mind, so the cable features an ear-wrap, ear hook style, and a fairly standard bud tip. But Sennheiser has never been a company content with matching the competition. So it also ships these headphones with adjustable flexible ear hooks and with both silicone and memory foam ear adapters. Specifically, both styles in three sizes.

The ear adapter tips ensure that sound isolation is upheld. But with flexible ear hooks, durability would ordinarily be a concern. That's not the case here at all. In fact, IE 300 comes with a para-aramid-reinforced 3.5mm cable. And Sennheiser says that can withstand thousands of bend cycles as well as being easily replaced. That's because it connects via a gold-plated Fidelity+ MMCX connector that's seated into a recessed 4.8mm-wide socket.

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Additionally, Sennheiser will sell 2.5mm balanced cables and 4.4 connectors as optional accessories.

How much will Sennheiser IE 300 cost and when can you buy it?

Sennheiser IE 300 in-ear headphones will not be the cheapest headphones on the market. The company says that pricing will be set at $299.95 USD — $399.95 CAD at launch. And that the new wearable is available starting January 19. But the price tag is more than met by features and build quality, setting aside Sennheiser's reputation for brilliant audio devices. And, of course, Sennheiser includes a premium carry case with the bundle.