Samsung Teases Cool New Tech In A Promo Video

Samsung new technology

Samsung has just teased some cool upcoming tech in a new promo video. The company published this video on YouTube under the name “AI and Big Data Memory Solutions: Improving our everyday lives”.

The video has a duration of over 2 minutes, and it shows quite a bit of interesting technology. In it, you can see transparent displays, which are expected to become a big part of consumer tech moving forward.

New Samsung video teases cool new tech, including transparent displays, holograms & more

Those transparent displays will be all around us if Samsung’s vision is to be believed, and also quite a few sci-fi movies you’ve seen. Imagine transparent displays as large communication panels and data-entry points. Also, they may be used as terminals, monitors, and so on.


Samsung also showed off EUV lithography, masks, and a mirror system. DDR5 RAM for servers also made a cameo here, as did V-NAND etching & stacking. You also get to take a look at HBM memory here, and also some AI stuff. Samsung’s Galaxy Home speakers appeared as well.

On top of everything, the company showed off a hologram, essentially. A hologram that is projected from a handheld device which looks like a tablet with a transparent display.

Some of this tech is more exciting than others, and some we’ve already seen in action. Samsung obviously expects the rest of it to become a standard at some point.

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Technology is evolving really fast

Technology is developing at an incredible pace, so it wouldn’t be surprising if we get holograms relatively soon, while transparent displays may become a part of our everyday lives as well at some point.

The thing is, we may have to wait a while for some of this stuff. The company showed this off just to get everyone amped up about the possibilities. The company is obviously working on a lot of different projects, some already available, others not so much.

Samsung is one of the largest tech companies in the world, and it has a tendency to innovate in various fields. Smartphones are probably most familiar to most of you, and the company is leading the market when it comes to smartphones, not only regular ones, but foldable ones as well. It’ll be interesting to see what is the next step in that evolution.