Move Aside QLED: Samsung Announces New Neo QLED TVs

Neo QLED Game Bar

Samsung comes to the first virtual CES with brand new TVs, and new TV technology. At CES 2021, Samsung is announcing new Neo QLED TVs.

The Neo QLED TV upgrades the viewing experience by using a new light source technology. Which is for much more focused, precise lighting. It has smaller LED lights, and that allows for more lights to be packed in the same space. The new Q900 TV is able to eliminate lenses that capture and transmit light from the backlight. Each compact LED chip is designed to emit light on its own. Allowing brightness to be more finely controlled.

Samsung also has a new Quantum processor that can harness the power of AI to upgrade your entire entertainment center. The Q900 is the newest 8K TV from Samsung.


The Frame gets even thinner

The 2021 edition of The Frame TV brings in a thinner TV, at just 24.9mm thick. You also have the ability to rotate the smaller 43-inch model. So you can use it in landscape or portrait mode.

For all of its TVs this year, Samsung is offering some new features. Like Google Duo and Screen Mirroring. Allowing you to take Google Duo calls on your TV. It can have up to 12 people in the call, and you can enjoy video calling in FHD quality. Your TV will need a camera for this to work – and that was an optional add-on.

The Samsung Health Smart Trainer is also coming to Samsung TVs. It's a lot like Apple Fitness+, but for Samsung smart TVs. You can turn your TV into a personalized home gym experience. It works with Galaxy Phones and Galaxy smartwatches. So unfortunately, you can't use it with a Pixel, yet.

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Samsung is also bringing the best gaming features to television with the Super Ultrawide Gameview and Game Bar. So gamers can play at 21:9 or even 32:9 aspect ratios.

New Samsung soundbars come with Bass Boost

Samsung's new 2021 soundbars come with a new Bass Boost mode. So with the click of a button, you can add 2dB of bass with just a click. Samsung has also made it easier than ever with Tap Sound, so you can instantly connect your mobile device to your soundbar.

Select Samsung soundbars will also work with Amazon Alexa. Not just work with Alexa, but act as an Echo, with their included microphones. SmartThings compatibility is still available too.


Samsung has much more planned for CES 2021, so make sure you stay tuned.