Samsung Health Update To Let You Give Friends Fitness Challenges

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It has emerged that a Samsung Health update will soon let users challenge friends in various types of fitness challenges. As reported by Sammobile this Samsung Health update will allow for greater interaction on the platform.

Samsung Health was first launched under its previous name S Health back in 2012 and has had many iterations since then across various devices. The most recent major update reported was back in 2018.

This was a pretty major one, bringing lots of new features as well as a totally redesigned interface for users. This update is not likely to be anywhere near as big but nonetheless will still have an impact.


One of the few things Samsung did for its health platform in 2020 was to make it available on smart TVs.  This demonstrated the company's desire to continue to keep this platform moving with the times.

This move shows a similar inclination with the company adapting to market changes and responding to customer needs. With more focus placed on the social elements of fitness and interaction on platforms types of this Samsung has brought features to facilitate this.

Samsung to launch fitness challenges on Samsung Health

Samsung has named the new innovation Group Challenges, and it does pretty much what the name suggests. The new feature will allow users to create, connect and invite friends to fitness challenges on the platform.

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Users will have the ability to invite up to 9 people to a particular challenge. However, most interestingly the press release suggests that even those who are not Samsung Health users may be able to get in on the feature. How this works it practice though remains to be seen.

The new feature will roll out with the latest Samsung Health update scheduled for January 12. Once installed users will find the feature under the 'Together' tab.

Samsung has also used this announcement to give us some more insight into Samsung health as a whole. The company revealed that over 200 million people used the platform in 2020.


That amount of people makes for a lot of exercise. Samsung told us that combined users took around 78 trillion steps and burned around 3 billion calories last year. This equals roughly 200 round trips from Earth to the Sun.

The press release also gave us an idea of where these users come from. Germany and Spain were the two most active countries based on step count quickly followed by South Korea and the UK.

Overall this looks like an exciting innovation from Samsung as it will allow more people to come together over exercise. Hopefully, the roll out and implementation goes smoothly in the coming days.


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