Samsung Just Turned Its Phones Into Galaxy Watch Active 2 Finders

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review 21

Samsung announced a slew of updates this week including both hardware and software refreshes, and part of those updates is dedicated to integrated features between the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and the company’s SmartThings platform.

In fact, SmartThings got even more love this week, as Samsung announced at Unpacked on Thursday, January 14, that it would be getting Android Auto integration too.

For the Galaxy Watch Active 2 integration, SmartThings will essentially turn your phone into a watch finder. The feature is going to be arriving as part of an update to the wearable. And it’s already rolling out in South Korea at the time of writing.


With it, the SmartThings app on your phone will be able to show you a map image with the last-recorded location of the watch.

SmartThings Find integration for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 isn’t available in the US yet

As noted the update to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is only rolling out in South Korea at the moment. But, there’s good news for owners of the watch in other regions.

The update is expected to be pushed out to regions outside of South Korea in the weeks ahead. So US owners of the device could see the update in the very near future. When exactly is still unknown though. So if you own the watch the best course of action is to just keep it connected.

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In doing so, you’ll simply be alerted to when the update is available. Or you could just check back on it in a few weeks and see if it’s there.

SmartThings Find only works with Galaxy phones

One thing to keep in mind with this new feature is that it doesn’t work with all phones. While the watch itself is compatible with non-Galaxy devices, and even iOS devices, the SmartThings Find feature will only work with Galaxy phones.

So don’t stress about not having access to the update just yet if you aren’t on a Galaxy device. As you won’t be able to use the feature anyways. That being said, the update does introduce other stuff too.


That includes improved auto detection of a few different types of workouts. Such as elliptical, rowing, and running exercises. To be clear, these exercises could already be detected by the watch automatically. The update is just supposed to make it faster at detecting these activities when you initiate them. The update also improves sleep tracking.