These Countries Now Have ECG Support On The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 received ECG support at the tail-end of 2020, and now Samsung is pushing out the support for it to new countries around the globe where the watch is available for purchase.

Alongside support in the US the ECG feature will be available in numerous countries within the EU as well as parts of Asia and . Amounting to a total of 31 new countries that were still awaiting approval.

For Samsung this is a big deal. Because more users will be able to test out and see the benefits of a feature that isn’t widely available among many smartphones. But this certainly benefits the users more. Because many users have no doubt been waiting on the feature since it was advertised with the watch at launch.


31 new countries now support the ECG feature on the Galaxy Watch 3

Of the new countries gaining support, most are in the EU. This includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, and more than a few others. Outside of the EU, the UAE, China, and Indonesia also now have support.

Approval for the ECG feature came through in December though. At the time, Samsung’s Health Monitor app finally acquired the CE marking. Which is what allows the ECG feature to be activated on the watch in the new countries.

It should also be noted that the feature is available for Galaxy Watch Active 2 users as well. Thanks to the Samsung Health Monitor app is available on that watch as well.


If you’re waiting on this feature for your own watch, it’ll still be around a week or more before it shows up. Most likely. Samsung states that the update for the Health Monitor app on those watches will be progressively pushed out to users from February 4. It also doesn’t guarantee that everyone will get the update on the same day.

The update also includes blood pressure monitoring

The update isn’t just about ECG readings. As the Samsung Health Monitor app also includes the capability to monitor blood pressure. This is also available on both the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

So if you have either watch keep an eye out for that particular update as it should be arriving sometime within the next week or two.


Users shouldn’t have to search for the Samsung Health Monitor app on their watch. If you’re on the latest version of software that the watch has available, then the app is automatically installed when that update is/was applied. As it was part of it.

Which means your watch is already prepared for the new features.