Samsung Announces Galaxy SmartTags, Its Very Own Tracking Tags

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag image 1

Samsung announced its Galaxy S21 flagship smartphones today, and in addition to them, the Galaxy SmartTags as well. What are the Galaxy SmartTags? Well, those are Samsung’s very own Bluetooth locators.

If you’ve ever heard of the Tile trackers, or used any of them, you’ll get the general idea. You can attach this tracking tag to some of your belongings, such as a key chain, so that you never lose your keys.

Two different Galaxy SmartTags got announced by Samsung

Now, the thing is, Samsung announced two different SmartTags. The cheaper model is called the ‘Galaxy SmartTag’, and it utilizes Bluetooth. The ‘Galaxy SmartTag+’, on the other hand, adds ultra wideband (UWB) tech.


That ‘Plus’ model won’t be available straight away, though. You’ll have to wait a bit in order to get it. Samsung said that it will go on sale “later this year”, we don’t know when exactly, though.

Those two models won’t only differ in the tech they include, but the size as well. The Bluetooth unit will be smaller, of course. The company also plans to sell these trackers in multi packs, or different combinations based on the technology.

Samsung didn’t exactly share a ton of information on the Galaxy SmartTags, but what it did share, give us the general idea as to what to expect. The Galaxy SmartTag will be ideal for you not to forget your keys when you’re heading out or something of the sort, as you’ll get notified when you stray away too far (lose Bluetooth connection).


The Galaxy SmartTag+, on the other hand, is a completely different beast. This SmartTag is not limited by Bluetooth range, as it supports ultra wideband tech. Samsung will share more information soon, that’s for sure.

You can get one for free if you buy one of the Galaxy S21 handsets

It is also worth noting that you can get the Galaxy SmartTag for free, even, if you decide to get one of the Galaxy S21 smartphones. This promotion will last until January 28. The Galaxy SmartTag costs $30 on its own, by the way.

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