Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra To Support WQHD+ Resolution At 120Hz

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We already know almost everything about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. Notably, the device is all set to be unveiled at the Unpacked event scheduled on January 14.

A latest tip from a well-known tipster, IceUniverse, is just like a cherry on top of the cake for all those who are interested in buying the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to IceUniverse, Samsung has found a way to keep the high-resolution setting and 120Hz refresh rate turned ON, at the same time.


This means that users of Galaxy S21 Ultra will be able to keep using their device in WQHD+ resolution at a 120Hz refresh rate. Apparently, this tip is such a relief because the Galaxy S20 devices did not support this feature.

Notably, Galaxy S20 series users were restricted to use their phones at either the highest resolution with a lower refresh rate or lower resolution at a high refresh rate.

Finally, such information coming from a reliable source about the latest products in the mobile industry gives us more reasons to be excited about the upcoming release.

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Well, this confirms an earlier piece of tip given by IceUniverse back in November 2020, which indicated that Samsung may trigger WQHD+ display at 120Hz refresh rate on Galaxy S21 Ultra

Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the one to feature a curved display out of the S21 trio

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the one that will sport the curved display out of the Galaxy S21 trio.

Under the screen settings of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you will be able to select WQHD+ (3200×1400 resolution). Along with this, you will also be able to set the refresh rate to 120Hz.


For not allowing this setting, Samsung faced severe backlash. Because other smartphone manufacturers were providing this feature without glorifying it.

Samsung, on the other hand, tried to take the Apple route by restricting some features. Which ultimately proved to be a reason for criticism by the owners of the previous Galaxy flagships.

Moreover, it is also confirmed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the first S-series device to come with S-Pen support. Personally, this is one of the decisions that does not make much sense.


The reason I call this an absurd decision is because the Galaxy Note series was meant to provide the users with a different experience compared to the S-series phones. All thanks to the S-Pen.

However, the company is all set to port some of the most loved features of the Note series to other devices.  Meaning that the Galaxy Note series will soon lose the features that made it unique from others.

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