Samsung Galaxy S21 To Come With Google Duo Auto Framing Feature

Google Duo auto Framing galaxy s21

In an official tweet from Twitter handle @Android, Google has confirmed that the Google Duo Auto Framing feature is available on the recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Back at the very end of 2020, Auto Framing on Google Duo will make its way on Samsung devices. And now, after the official announcement of the Galaxy S21 series, Google has confirmed the same.

For the unaware, the Google Duo Auto Framing feature keeps the users front and center during video calls. This gives users the freedom to do their work while talking to their friends or families.


Apparently, it also negates the need to constantly keep worrying about being at the center frame for video calls.

Basically, as long as the user remains within the camera's field of view, Google Duo Auto Framing feature will keep them in focus. The feature will automatically zoom onto the user's face, all of this hands-free.

The Google Duo Auto-Framing feature was firstly exclusive for the Pixel 4 series. It made its way to the Pixel 4 units via a Feature drop update for the Pixel phones.

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But now, after rolling out for Galaxy S20 units back in October 2020, the Auto Framing feature is finally available on the new Galaxy S21 lineup.

It is unclear if the Auto Framing feature will arrive for new Android phones or not

One should not be surprised by this move by Google to make the Google Duo Auto Framing feature available for Galaxy S21 series. Because most of the Google features eventually make their way on Samsung devices.

Notably, the Google Duo support page still claims this Auto Framing feature to be Pixel 4 exclusive. Seems like Google was so busy rolling out this feature to Samsung Galaxy devices that they forgot to update the support webpage.


We expect Google to make this feature available on the upcoming Android phones. However, it is unclear whether Google Duo Auto Framing will be available for other Android phones or not.

The announcement clarifies that Galaxy S21 users will get this Google Duo feature out of the box. Launched last week at the Unpacked event, the Galaxy S21 lineup will be available from January 29.

The phones are already creating a buzz in the smartphone market, thanks to their improved design and internals. Additional perks like Google Duo Auto Framing feature makes them even better.


If you are impressed with the Google Duo Auto Framing feature and use Google Duo more often, then this makes the Galaxy S21 lineup definitely worth considering.