All Three Galaxy S21 Models Ditch The Micro SD Card Slot

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Samsung just announced the new Galaxy S21 series, and surprisingly, none of the smartphones boast a micro SD card slot.

This is a feature that we first started seeing Samsung mess around with removing in the Galaxy Note 10. Where the Note 10 didn’t have one, and the Note 10+ did. Now, with the Galaxy S21 series, none of them have a micro SD card slot. Which might be a bit surprising, since Samsung does still sell micro SD cards.

So why is Samsung removing the micro SD card from the Galaxy S21 series? It’s quite simple, most users do not use the micro SD card slot. Samsung says that the majority of users do not use it, so it removed the slot to make room for other things. It also cited the fact that the Galaxy S21 is available in multiple storage capacities. And on top of that, jumping up in storage is now cheaper than before.


You might want to splurge for 256GB of storage

Because Samsung did get rid of the micro SD card slot on the Galaxy S21 series, you may end up wanting to splurge for the 256GB model or the 512GB if you are getting the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That way you’ll be sure that you have enough storage. Since you don’t have the micro SD card slot available for expanding more storage if you needed it.

It is a shame that Samsung did ditch the micro SD card slot, since that is one of the features that enthusiasts really enjoyed on Samsung phones. But it was bound to happen sooner or later. Currently, there are barely any smartphones that have a micro SD card slot. So it looks like the micro SD card slot, at least in smartphones is going away once again.

Which is a little surprising, since it started to disappear a few years ago, and then made a comeback and it’s now leaving again.


You can pre-order your Galaxy S21 now and it’ll ship on January 29.

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