Give Your Galaxy S21 Premium Protection With These OtterBox Cases

Samsung Galaxy S21 OtterBox

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and OtterBox. A match made in heaven? No. But it is a match made in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is where OtterBox is located and worked on designing its new line of cases for the Galaxy S21 series devices.

OtterBox is a well-known name in the world of phones. Protecting devices from drops, dings, scratches, and accidental falls since what feels like the dawn of time. And now it’s prepared to help you protect your next smartphone investment.

That is, assuming you’re planning on buying a Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, or Galaxy S21 Ultra. OtterBox has cases available for all three phone variations, and whether you’re a little bit clumsy or just like the peace of mind, you should probably consider picking one of the case options up.


OtterBox makes a Galaxy S21 case for just about everyone

Case options are important as they can help you find the right case for your device. Which is obviously a lot harder to do if there aren’t really any options to choose from.

OtterBox makes a case option for just about everyone. And you’ll find that the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra all have options in the Defender series, Symmetry series, Commuter series, and Strada series.

The company even makes an Otter + Pop Symmetry series that adds a built-in Pop Socket to the back of the device so you have something a little easier to hold onto.


There’s also the Alpha Flex screen protector if you want a little more added protection for your new phone’s display. There are multiple color options as well. Just in case you think black is a little boring.

Cases are available now and range from $40 to $68

Across the board case prices are the same regardless of which Galaxy S21 model you pick.

To be more clear, prices of each case will vary by series, but each series will be the same cost across all three device variations. Prices start at $40, which are cases in the Commuter series, and go all the way up to $68 which is for the Otter + Pop Symmetry case.


All cases are now available for purchase on the OtterBox website. And, all cases should be in stock and ready to ship immediately as soon as you place the order. Which means there’s a good chance that the cases will show up before the phones do as those are still pre-order only.

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