Samsung Galaxy S21 Only Charges At Up To 25W

samsung galaxy s21 Ultra AH 2

Looks like 45W charging for Samsung smartphones is dead. RIP.

Last year, Samsung unveiled 45W charging for the Galaxy S20 Ultra and even the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. But in testing, we found that it was barely faster than the 25W charger, when charging from zero to 100%. The reason for this is because they both slow down once they hit 80%.

So it appears that Samsung has decided that 45W is really not needed on the Galaxy S21 series. And that 25W is plenty fast, which is true. 25W charging is pretty fast, and you can get that 25W charger from Samsung for only $20 right now. Which is nice since it is not included in the box.


Why not 100W or faster charging?

When you compare the 25W charging on the Galaxy S21 series to the many other Android smartphones on the market, it seems pretty slow. After all, there are a number of smartphones that have launched with 120W or faster charging. Which is just mind boggling.

It's true. It is much faster. But it is not as safe as what Samsung is using. And given Samsung's past, it would rather be safe than sorry. Which is why it has moved over to USB-C PD charging, instead of sticking with USB-A for charging. And it also uses PPS (Programmable Power Supply) for its chargers, which is another safety feature.

Given the pretty massive batteries in the entire Galaxy S21 series, the 25W charger is going to be plenty fast. Since you likely won't need to charge it during the day. And really only charge it overnight. Which is when most people should charge it anyways.

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You can buy the Galaxy S21 series from Samsung right now by clicking here. The Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra will be on sale starting January 29.