Samsung's Care+ Coverage Is A Must-Have For Every Galaxy S21 Buyer

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 12

If you’re wondering if you should add Samsung Care+ Coverage to your Galaxy S21, do it. It’s well worth the extra money.

With Samsung Care+, you get peace of mind, in case something were to happen to your smartphone. Care+ includes a personal set-up session with a Samsung Care+ Pro 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Which can be done via phone or chat. They can also help with any other problems you might be having. For instance, running out of storage.

Samsung also offers up an extended warranty with Care+, so you can continue using your Galaxy S21 without worrying about whether Samsung will still fix your phone.


Discounted screen repairs is the best feature of Care+

The most common part of a phone that breaks is the screen. Luckily, that is covered on Care+. Though not completely.

Samsung gives you a discount on a screen repair. Normally, you pay $29 for a screen replacement through Care+. However, those screen replacements can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, if you don’t have Care+. Especially if you opt for the Galaxy S21 Ultra with that curved display.

Samsung also covers accidental damage. Spill water on your Galaxy S21? Samsung will replace or fix it for you, thanks to Care+. And because Samsung is fixing your phone, it will be using official Samsung parts and not third-party parts. Which some third parties like to do cut down on costs and maximize profits.


Replacement phones are also sent over pretty quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to get your phone fixed. Samsung will ship your replacement device as soon as the next day, and once it arrives, just send them your claimed device. And you’re good to go.

For less than $12 per month, Care+ is more than worth it for the peace of mind. Especially after you just spent nearly a grand on a new Galaxy S21 smartphone. Get your self some insurance on your investment.