The Galaxy S21 Camera Shoots 8K Video & Turns It Into Photos

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 20

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 houses its most advanced smartphone camera ever, featuring the capability to shoot 8K videos and turn those videos into photos.

This particular feature is what Samsung is calling 8K Video Snap. And as the name suggests, it lets you snap photos from recorded 8K video footage. Is this the best way to take pictures with the Galaxy S21? No. Probably not.

Especially when you consider the improvements that Samsung made to the camera on its flagship phones this year. But being able to grab photos from 8K video on your Galaxy S21 does present a way to potentially grab shots you may not have thought of taking.


Which is precisely why this could be a big hit with users of the device.

Use 8K Video Snap on the Galaxy S21 to capture missed shots

Even if this isn’t the primary way you would take photos using this device, there’s still a reason to check it out.

As noted above it could help you capture photos that you may have otherwise missed. You might take your phone with you somewhere with the intent to use the camera. But in the event of capturing one picture you might miss the opportunity to capture another.


By using the Galaxy S21 to record 8K video instead, you can then go through that footage and use the 8K Video Snap feature to get both photos for example. Or it could just be a fun way to get additional photos on top of the ones you captured with the camera normally in photo mode.

More control over your photos

In a way, 8K Video Snap also offers up a little more control over your photos.

You might not get the same granular control you would get if you devoted your time to one specific shot. Changing elements like the focus, exposure, and zoom. But, what you do get is the ability to pick from more possible shots. Similar to the new and improved Single Take which analyzes more frames so you have more photos to choose from.


8K Video Snap allows you to comb through your videos, giving you more options for particular photos. For example, you could set it up to record footage of the same subject over a period of time, and then grab varying shots of that subject at different times throughout the day.

This results in a wide collection of what is essentially the same photo. Yet they could still look vastly different due to the changes in time and shifting light. Assuming you captured that much footage.

All-in-all, 8K Video Snap is likely to be a cool way to get some unique photos with the Galaxy S21 series devices.


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