Samsung Galaxy Phones Can Forward Calls To A Windows 10 PC

samsung galaxy link to windows 10

After testing for about a year, Microsoft is finally rolling out the “Link to Windows” feature. Notably, this new feature allows users to forward calls from their eligible devices to Windows 10 powered machines.

The good news for Samsung Galaxy device owners is that because of the exclusive partnership between Samsung and Microsoft, the bulk of the supported devices are from Samsung.

Moreover, aside from the Microsoft Surface Duo, there are a total of 39 compatible devices that can make use of this new “Your Phone – Link to Windows” feature on Windows 10 PC.


Specifically, for Samsung Galaxy devices, the compatibility list currently includes 97.5% of Samsung phones. The ultra-premium Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip folding phones are also included.

The lower-end Galaxy A-series and Galaxy S-series/Note flagships going back a couple of years are also compatible with this feature. Owners of Galaxy XCover Pro, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A90s, and the Galaxy A42 5G, etc. can make use of this feature.

For a complete list of compatible devices, you can head over here. However, one important thing to note here is that Microsoft has not clarified which markets are currently are getting this feature.


There are some geographical restrictions & PC compatibility factor for using this feature

While it all seems nice being a Samsung Galaxy smartphone owner that you have the premium-pass for using the “Link to Windows” feature on any Windows 10-powered machine. In reality, that is not the case.

Owning a Galaxy device does not confirm or guarantee that you can forward calls from your device to Windows 10 PC. There are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Apparently, Microsoft has put up some geographical restrictions on its availability. Besides, there are also some PC compatibility factors involved in using this feature.


As highlighted by SamMobile, our friends were not able to forward calls or use this feature on their Galaxy Note10 units. The reason behind this was their Windows desktop didn’t recognize their Bluetooth receiver.

So, one should keep in mind that you will be able to use this feature only if your Windows machine comes with Bluetooth built-in.

If you have the latest Samsung phone or the Galaxy devices that support this call forwarding feature on Windows 10, you live in a supported region, and also have a Windows 10 machine, then you can try out this feature.


You can download the latest “Link to Windows” app from the Google Play Store. Make sure the Your Phone app on your PC is up to date, as well.