Samsung Galaxy Home 2 Design Revealed In New Schematics

samsung galaxy home mini

Did you know that Samsung made smart speakers? Well if you did then you will happy to know the Samsung Galaxy Home 2 is being worked on. GeekThingy dug up some info on the upcoming home speaker. News of the Galaxy Home 2 comes two years after Samsung’s last Galaxy Home speaker.

The first Galaxy Home speaker was conceptualized back in 2008. However, that device did not receive a commercial release. Now, last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Home mini, but global availability is scarce.

Now the schematics obtained from the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals a new design patent. The design patent assigned to Samsung covers an “Artificial Intelligence Speaker”. The previous smart speaker had a cauldron style design. The new Galaxy Home 2 speaker has a design that is closer to what the Apple Homepod has.


The upcoming smart speaker has a round-trashcan design to it. That is to say, it is cylindrical. This design has become a standard when it comes to smart speaker designs. The smart speaker also has built-in volume/action buttons on top. Again, similar to Apple’s HomePod.

Samsung Galaxy Home 2 could have no headphone jack and a micro USB port

Besides buttons, it seems the upcoming smart speaker will have ports similar to the previous models. The previous models lacked a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C port. This will be disappointing especially as more and more devices are adding USB-C to their devices.

Unfortunately, the upcoming device will have a rather outdated micro USB port. The micro USB port was the go-to port back in the day, but it has started to be fazed out. If Samsung does stick with a micro USB port this will be disappointing.

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The speaker however will also have a physical slider to mute the microphones on the device. This will be great for anybody concerned with privacy. Being able to disable microphones via a physical slider will allow those users to mitigate any background listening that may occur.

As of right now, any in-depth information is unknown. Specs and features are still a mystery at this point. One thing that we can expect is the inclusion of Bixby. Hopefully, Samsung will continue to move toward using Assistant instead of Bixby.

The next device from Samsung many are anticipating is the Samsung Galaxy S21. The launch of the new S21 family will undoubtedly take up a lot of attention. But news of an upcoming smart speaker from Samsung could please a lot of consumers. Especially those that are tied into Samsung’s overall ecosystem. You can see the design schematics below.