SABRE Helps You To Stay Safer With New App, SMART Pepper Spray At CES

SABRE SMART Pepper Spray and Safety App presser from SABRE

Personal safety brand SABRE has taken to CES 2021 to detail its new SMART Pepper Spray and launch a new app.

The app, dubbed the SABRE Personal Safety App, is already available as of this writing. And, at least at the surface level, it’s fairly straightforward. Similar features have been found in everything from smartwatches to other apps. Summarily, the free-to-use app geo-tracks users in real-time. If they happen to find themselves in danger, they can then send out a message to selected contacts. That’s without requiring their contacts to download the app.

The location data is, of course, sent along with the message. And it will keep updating until users mark themselves as safe. There’s also an in-app map so that users can find themselves if need be. Or if they just happen to be in an unfamiliar area.


So where does SABRE SMART Pepper Spray enter this equation?

Now, the SABRE Personal Safety App is great on its own for those who need it. But the company’s new pepper spray also links up to that app to offer completely new functionality. Not only does the app let users view the battery level and pairing status with the app. It also brings premium features to the table that are more akin to smart home security.

Not least of all, with a $4.99 monthly subscription, using the SMART Pepper Spray from SABRE will automatically alert 911 dispatchers. That includes attached location data and real-time location tracking. That way, if users find themselves in a truly dangerous situation or under attack, they don’t also have to remember to call for help. The app will do that part automatically.

How much does this Pepper Spray cost?

As noted above, the SABRE SMART Pepper Spray isn’t quite ready for purchase as of CES 2021. The app is available now but the spray won’t be available until April. In terms of cost, the spray is priced at $79.99 as per the company’s site and application description.