Repairing The Galaxy S21 Ultra Is Harder Than The Base Model

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 04

You should probably be extremely careful with your new Galaxy S21 Ultra. Repairing the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a hard process According to SamMobile. It is actually harder than the standard base model to repair. That may seem odd, but there are a few reasons for this. Unfortunately, that beautiful glass back is one of them

YouTuber PBKreviews took on the task of disassembling the new Galaxy S21 Ultra. It isn’t unheard of for the glass sandwich Samsung flagships to be hard to repair. They risk getting a low repairability score because of this. The reason for this is the glass back. To clarify, glass is glass, and glass breaks.

Despite the stronger glass used in new flagships damage to glass backs are still possible. To disassemble glass backs like the one on the Galaxy S21 Ultra a heat gun is generally always required. The heat gun is used to loosen the adhesive used to secure the back, but again glass runs the risk of breaking.


The base Galaxy S21 has a polycarbonate back that does not shatter. However, the Galaxy S21 Ultra does best the Galaxy S20 Ultra when it comes to be easier to repair. The metal camera housing is stuck to the back glass with adhesive, and each camera lens can be removed independently. As a result, this is a smarter solution than the one on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The older model has a one-piece glass component covering the entire camera assembly.

Repairing the Galaxy S21 Ultra requires patience and steady hands

Repairing the Galaxy S21 Ultra starts off like any other glass-clad device. First, you have to remove the glass back. Afterward, there is a gauntlet of screws and ribbon cables that need to be removed. If you are impatient then you will be in for a stressful time.

However, you must be pretty patient if you decide to do this yourself. Both the base Galaxy S21 and the Ultra variant have their batteries stuck to the phone chassis. Unfortunately, there are no pull-tabs for easily removing the battery. Come on Samsung get with the program.


To remove the battery you need heat and some prying. This is a bad idea as anyone with a brain will know. It seems Samsung hasn’t learned from their earlier battery practices. Other problems according to SamMobile include the ribbon cable connecting the display not being removable from both ends. The component is harder to replace due to this.

The base Galaxy S21 Ultra received a 7.5 out of 10 repairability score. The Ultra variant received a 6 out of 10 repairability score. Everything about the top of the line offering is Ultra. This includes the Ultra amount of patience you will need to repair it yourself. God speed to anyone who decides to tackle this their selves.