Latest QRTiger QR Code Generator App Is Now Out In The Market With Advanced Features For The Year 2021

QRTiger QR code

Since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the QR code technology's resurgence also began to rise unimaginably as well. Along with many digital advances powered by QR codes, QRTiger, seeing the importance of this technology, rolled out its latest and upgraded version of their QR code generator app made available to Android users for the year 2021.

For a seamless and much better user experience, the QR code generator company added many features in their app that generates and scans a QR code, and also comes with various QR code solutions that users can generate for their own use.

Using the recently revised application, android phone and tablet users can conveniently generate their QR codes in one tap of their devices at their own pace. With the basic and advanced solution the latest app provides, users can have a much more flexible experience in hand.


Basic QR solutions such as URL QR, Text QR, Email, WIFI, to text are available in the app.

Moreover, with its more innovative upgrade, users can also enjoy generating QR codes for their social media accounts such as Youtube QR, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook QR, and many more.

With its customization feature and various designing options, styling their QR codes according to their aim, brand theme, or purpose is made possible for the smartphone version.

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Using the QRtiger app, users can:

  • Generate a variety of QR solutions
  • Stylize or personalize the overall appearance of their QR code with the designing option it provides.
  • Add an image, logo, icon to the QR
  • Unlimited scans of the static QR code solutions
  • High-quality QR code images generated using smartphone devices.

Since QR codes are placed almost anywhere today for easy information sharing without the need for physical contact, the scanning feature combined with the QRtiger generator app makes a smart, go-to application for today's use, without having to download separate apps.

Furthermore, users don't also need to worry about the scanning capacity of the QR codes they have generated as the QRTiger app provides unlimited scans of their static QR code solutions.


Here are a few quick and simple steps to download the QRtiger app:

  1. Go to the google play store
  2. Search for the "QRTiger" app
  3. Simply click download
  4. And your QR code application is now ready to use

For more professional tools and advanced QR code solutions that users can use when it comes to serious marketing and business purposes, the website version of the QRTiger QR code generator offers an endless possibility of QR solutions they need.

QRTiger's online version offers a dynamic QR for a URL QR code, Vcard, social media QR code, webpage/H5 QR code, serial number and text QR code, Multi-URL QR code, app stores QR codes, and many more.


For generating QR code solutions in bulk, users can also use their bulk QR. On the other hand, the API QR code is a professional tool for brands and companies that need to have custom QR code templates with a data tracking system, and have QR codes integrated into their CRM.

Using a dynamic QR code will provide users a QR code tracking system and report their QR scans.

This reveals the demographics of scanners, their geographical location from the point of scan, and the device they used are recorded using the QR code generator online.


Unlike the app version that does not let users keep track of scans, tracking QR code scans plays a significant role in marketing and business, as this allows them to gain an insight and understanding of their campaign.

Moreover, users can also update the content behind their QR code using the dynamic QR that is updatable in nature, without reprinting the codes, which saves time and money for the users.

With the new COVID-19 variant that imposes yet another threat to the global industry, the QR code technology demand is only seen to sky-high not only today but also in the coming years to follow.


With many apps and developing QR code apps available in the market, scanning and generating them using one application is deemed necessary for fast and efficient information sharing and transaction at any service portal, especially today that everything must require speed to advance oneself or business.