Planet Computers Astro Slide 5G Phone With A Physical Keyboard Coming In June

astro slide 5g

Planet Computers, known for creating QWERTY phones, has shared a revised launch date and specification details about its new 5G smartphone called Astro Slide. The phone has a side-sliding physical keyboard.

Notably, the company has revealed a revised specification and release date for its third creation, the Astro Slide Transformer. Moreover, the phone also provides the option to install multiple operating systems.

To give you more clarity, you can install either alongside, or instead of Android, including SailfishOS and several Linux distros. This means you can two different OS experiences on a single phone. That's something new and innovative.


Planet Computers have previously launched the Gemini PDA and the Cosmo Communicator. The Astro Slide 5G follows the footsteps of these two previous phones and is fully unlocked and open.

According to a report by Lilliputing, Planet Computers has shared this revised launch date and specification details because of the pandemic. We all know how the pandemic has delayed several crucial launches back in 2020.

Pandemic had the same impact on Planet Computers, which is the reason the company has officially confirmed that the Astro Slide 5G smartphone will launch in June 2021.

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Astro Slide 5G will be powered by the MediaTek 800 chipset

Talking about the specification, there is some serious downgrade happening, which users may not like. The Astro Slide 5G will be powered by the MediaTek 800 SoC instead of the new MediaTek Dimensity 1000.

Now, the reason given by Planet Computers for this change is that the company wants to fulfill larger scale orders. And since MediaTek 800 is readily available to them, they opted for MediaTek 800.

Just to give some insight, MediaTek 800 chipset misses out on some features like Wi-Fi 6e support, BLE audio streaming, etc. These features are available on the MediaTek Dimensity 1000.


Besides, there are some other downgrades as well. Like as per the new specifications of the Astro Slide 5G, the phone sees a battery drop from 4000 mAh to 3500 mAh.

There is some boost in specs as well. The Astro Slide gets more RAM from 6GB to 8GB. It features a 48MP rear camera. Furthermore, the advertised 5MP front camera has been bumped to 13MP.

The battery supports 10W wireless and Fast Wired Charging. The fingerprint scanner is placed on the side of the phone.


Planet Computers says that this decision will be offset, thanks to the less power-hungry MediaTek 800 SoC. But that we will see when the phone comes out in the hands of consumers.

Good thing is that crowdfunded on Indiegogo have been informed about these changes. Additionally, they have been given an option to take a refund if they are not happy.

Planet Computers said that the demo units of Astro Slide 5G will be announced next week. Fans can still preorder the device via Indiegogo for around $644.