OxygenOS 11 Launcher Arrives To Some Older OnePlus Smartphones

OnePlus OxygenOS 11 image

OxygenOS 11 launcher did not arrive to as many OnePlus phones as you’d think, as it landed only on phones that got the Android 11 update. Well, that is changing, as older smartphones (with Android 10) can now get it as well.

How? Well, the company has decided to tighten the gap by releasing the update via the Play Store. A new OnePlus Launcher update is available, which will bring the latest 5.x version to your older OnePlus device.

‘Light’ OxygenOS 11 Launcher lands on OnePlus devices running Android 10

This update will be available only to phones that are running Android 10 with OxygenOS 10, as mentioned earlier. So, if you’re using the OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T, or Nord, you can get this update now. It is staged, though, so it may not be available straight away.


Do note that the Nord N10 5G and N100 are also eligible to get the update, but it won’t start rolling out for those two phones until later this week. So you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

There is a catch with this update, though. It does not exactly bring all the features you’d expect. The multiple swipe down options or Google Discover integration are not included here. A new OnePlus Shelf design is here, though.

Not all bells and whistles are included here

So, think of this as OxygenOS 11, but a light version of it. It does not bring all the bells and whistles you’d expect, but it’ll amuse you before Android 11 reaches your smartphone, with full-fledged OxygenOS 11.


Speaking of which, Android 11 with OxygenOS 11 is coming to the OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, and 7T soon. It hit the Open Beta status recently, which means that the stable build is right around the corner.

You should get a stable build of Android 11 for the three devices in the next month or so, unless something unexpected happens, of course. Until then, visit the Google Play Store, and get the latest OnePlus Launch update to get a taste of OxygenOS 11.